Wilson Family // Family Photo Session

Sandra contacted me to see if I would be willing to shoot her and her family as well as her brother and his family while on vacation in San Diego. After I checked my schedule I was so relieved that I could take on this photo shoot. I truly enjoy capturing families, and San Diego is one of my favorite places for beautiful scenery.

After I arrived all of us walked a short distance to a calm, pristine harbor in the early hours of the day. We grabbed a few toys for the three young children to help get their attention during the photo shoot and it really helped get some adorable shots! Each family took their turns walking up and down the calm shore of the harbor and it was such a joy to capture each moment of them enjoying each others company. I then set out a big beach blanket I had on hand and I took a few shots of each of the families hanging out on the blanket in the early morning sun. It was so much fun working with younger children, their facial expressions were priceless and the love that the families had for their children was so touching.

Sandra, her family and her brothers family were all such a pleasure to capture! See below for some adorable shots of probably the cutest families I have ever seen!