Courtney + Chance // equestrian Portrait Session

Courtney, who is my long time friend (literally since elementary school) has a deep love for animals! If you can think of almost any animal and ask her if she owns it she probably does! Growing up together we bonded over our love for horses and I thought it would be great to catch up and do a little portrait session with her and one of her favorite horses. With beautiful natural trails all around her home we had so many great spots to choose from for our session. We found a beautiful little spot with an overgrowth of flowers that I just about died for. The sun was just beginning to stream through the trees when we arrived at the location and I knew we only had a few moments to get the shots before it dipped too low. I was so grateful for the help of my husband on this shoot! He was in charge of shaking a bucket of treats in order to get Courtney's horse to pay attention and look nice for the photos. I was also really grateful to Courtney's fiancĂ© Cole for watching and handling the horse when needed. This was a really quick shoot that we probably finished up within less than an hour but we got some really pretty shots that I'd love to share with you! See below for a fun and somewhat fanciful horse photoshoot in the hills of Orange, California.