Rockin R Rescue // Dog Photo Session

After hearing the news of hurricane Harvey my good friend Courtney immediately jumped into action. Courtney and her fiancé were attending a wedding out of town and cut their trip short to fly over to Texas to save as many animals as they could. For weeks they drove around in the crazy flood and saved dogs, cats, any living animal that needed their attention. After taking care of countless animals at their ranch in Texas they began to relocate a lot of the animals back to CA to put them up for adoption. Courtney reached out to me to help them with their effort in saving these animals and giving them new families and new lives. She asked me to take some pictures of their dogs that they had up for adoption and of corse I said yes! It was such a touching experience seeing these animals and capturing them. It was exciting that someone might see these photos and see their future pet. Courtney is still brining in lots of animals to her ranch in Orange, CA and is working around the clock to take care of and find these precious animals new homes. Courtney is the most giving and sacrificial people I know! While I was capturing the dogs my husband saw a sweet dog that caught his eye. We ended up taking her home a few weeks later and we love her so much! Rescuing an animal is such an awesome experience and after rescuing Lolita our lives are definitely better for it. Go check out this amazing animal rescue and if you have a space in your home or are looking for a new pet I highly recommend saving one of these awesome dogs or cats that were effected by the hurricane.