Blush Aviation Wedding

Airplanes are not only remarkable man made machines but are also symbolic of adventure, wanderlust, and love. They can take us to far off destinations and open our minds to new cultures and experiences. Everything suddenly becomes brand new the moment you step off an airplane and breath in the air of a foreign place you had never been to before. Along with the excitement of travel airplanes can be an incredibly romantic symbol as well. There is nothing more heart warming and wonderful than being whisked away by the love of your life to a far destination. The minute the reception is over and the partying has come to an end that is the precious time the bride and groom make their escape to enjoy their first few days as husband and wife. Travel is almost like the final gate that a couple passes through as they come into a new chapter of their life. As the old is gone and the new life of husband and wife begins what better way to celebrate this new beginning than with a new destination. This styled shoot took on the inspiration of travel and romance and turned it into reality. For those adventure and travel loving couples this shoot can bring so many ideas and inspiration to incorporate into your wedding. 

This shoot was put together by an awesome team of vendors who dedicated so much of their time, energy, and creative passion into this vision. Thank you so much to everyone involved! I had the opportunity to provide makeup as well as second shoot to Gina Purcell. Gina did an amazing job with her photos and got them published in Inspired By This! You can use this link to take a look at her beautiful work and the blog!

Here is the list of vendors involved in the shoot as well.

Below you will find some shots that I took and edited myself for my own portfolio.