Lisa // Trash the dress at laguna beach

Alice reached out to me on behalf of her close friend Lisa who would be getting married soon. She let me know that they would be having a bachelorette party and wanted to take a few shots down by the beach for a quick trash the dress shoot during sunset. I couldn't be more excited for this kind of shoot! There is nothing I love more than the beach and shooting for a girl during such an exciting time in her life! When my husband and I showed up the the location the girls were all having a great time together and we loved the environment so much, everyone was so incredibly nice and just as excited as we were. We headed down to the beach and the sky could not have look more beautiful. The tide was rising quickly near the tower so we had to take the shots in a bit of a rush but regardless we got some gorgeous shots. We ran away from the tower at the last minute and I am sure not a single one of us came out of that experience dry. One of the girls watching got a bit caught up in the tide and we had to take a little break to help quickly get her out! The water was a lot stronger and faster in that area than we expected haha but we all moved on to other parts of the beach soon after. Lisa was so beautiful and was such a natural in front of the camera. I felt so lucky that I got to be apart of such a fun experience and capture such a beautiful occasion. These are some of my favorite photos to date and I really the editing process. Thank you Alice and Lisa for everything! Lisa, I hope you have an awesome wedding day <3 

See below for a magical trash the dress shoot on Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, CA.