Our 2nd Anniversary Weekend // LA + SD

My husband decided to surprise me with a day in LA on the weekend before our 2nd anniversary (which ended up being on a Tuesday). He took us to LACMA and we enjoyed the art as we wandered around snapping pictures when we felt inspired to do so. After enjoying ourselves and taking probably too many photos we went out to dinner on a rooftop near by. I was so happy and really excited to be spending our anniversary weekend being creative. In my mind we would eat dinner and then head home and that would be the end of our anniversary celebrations. As we waited for our appetizers to arrive he nervously looked at me and said "You're going to have a to pack a bag when we get home". My jaw immediately hit the floor and I was just shocked. I had no idea he would plan anything more than what we had just experienced. I already had such a great day I had no expectations we would do anything else. I was giddy at the idea of where he would be taking me next! He told me that he had reserved a hotel in San Diego for Tuesday night, our actual anniversary night. I was so touched and happy that he would go out of his way to do something like that for us. 

A few days later we arrived in San Diego for our little getaway. We (as in me, he doesn't drink) enjoyed champagne on the balcony of our hotel room overlooking the beach. I had never stayed in a room so close to the ocean and I decided I would spend as much time on that balcony as humanly possible. We had a nice dinner outside at the restaurant connected to the hotel. We sat and breathed in the ocean air as we blissfully reminisced about our wedding day. The next day we didn't have any real plans but we woke up to clouds and a bit of mist floating in the air. We decided against the beach and instead went on a mission to go to as many photogenic places as possible. We started out the day at an art piece at SDSU called Fallen Star. Fallen star is a house built on top of a large building that hangs off the side in a very tilted fashion. It is an incredible site to see and you feel transported to another world. The house makes anyone who walks inside feel immediately off center. It reminded me of being on a large boat listing to one side or another. While standing in this tilted house on the side of a building my body constantly tried to regain balance in the most awkward way. After our little photo session at Fallen Star we headed over to the Historic District of San Diego. Instead of doing what most people do (walk around and check out all the history) we took many many photos. This was a great chance for my husband to practice his skills and it was refreshing not to be behind the camera for once. As the day began to come to an end he whisked me away to a few beach locations. Each place we ran around like little children finding little pieces of poetry to capture. We even climbed up a cliff (even in my dress) to get to a spot that looked like the perfect location for the sunset. We had so much fun and we got some really awesome photos from our experience. My husband is my best friend and biggest cheerleader, I am so happy to have him in my life. Even though he is in only one of these photos here are a few shots from our week of creativity and fun!