Carbon Canyon Engagement Session

Courtney and Cole are not only the most warm hearted couples I have ever met but are also the cutest! Courtney happens to be a good friend that I have know since the 3d grade! We have stayed friends all these years and it is crazy that today I am now writing a blog about her engagement! These two met in high school and have been together over the last 8 years! (High school sweet hearts are the best!) They're love for each other has withstood through so much and I seriously look up to them for their strength as a couple. They both have a crazy love for animals! They both have donated so much of their time and energy into saving and rehabilitating animals in need. They're hearts are so big and they work tirelessly for the broken and needy animals that they come across. I was so incredibly happy for these two when they got engaged last year! When two beautiful people come together to form not only a great couple but an awesome team in life you can't help but get giddy inside. I had the pleasure of doing their engagement session to document their love for each other during this amazing time of their life. I also had so much fun doing Courtney's makeup for this session as well. See below for fun loving couple that truly embodies what it means to be partners in life.